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Reduce stress with a back massage

Are your back muscles sore? Or do you just want to relax? Then a back massage at Yin Yang Massage in Ghent is perfect for you!

Vertebral column

In your back is the spine, the home of many nerves. The nerves are connected to the rest of your body. The back is the most important area when it comes to massages.

Mental health

The massage mainly focuses on the areas around the spine and the bottom of the back. The massage reduces stress and improves the physical health of your body, as well as your mental health.

Massage techniques

Different massage techniques are combined to achieve an optimal effect. On the one hand, there are massage movements in which a lot of pressure is exerted. These movements ensure that the tense muscles are released. On the other hand, the softer strokes focus on improving the flexibility of the muscles.

The back massage can be done on a massage chair or table. On the massage chair, you keep your T-shirt on; while on the massage table, massage oil is applied on your bare skin.



Looking for a relaxing back massage in Ghent ? Then you are at the right place at Yin Yang Massage. Contact the massage parlor to arrange your massage.