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Vacussage or cupping massage

Yin Yang Massage in Ghent is also specialized in vacussage (or cupping massage), a part of classical Traditional Chinese Medicine .

What is vacussage?

Vacussage uses multiple plastics or glass cups, which are placed on the treatment area. By increasing the pressure in the cups, the skin and connective tissues are drawn vacuum. This treatment activates blood circulation, muscles and meridian pathways in the body.

Drainage waste

First, lavish massage oil is applied to the skin. The cups are placed and pushed over the skin. By massaging with the cups, we get a better drainage of the body’s waste materials. Medicinal herbal oils such as arnica, peppermint and eucalyptus oil are used.

Improvement of symptoms

Another method is to leave the cups in one place for 10 to 15 minutes. After treatment, red spots (bruises) will always occur. This is normal and the spots disappear after a few days. If the redness disappears, you will notice improvement in the symptoms.

Showering after treatment

After the treatment, the oil is removed from your body. If desired, you can take a shower for an extra charge of 5 euros. Towels are provided by us.


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